Morgan family relations circa 1900 and recent hosts Linda & Ken Florentine
Morgan Century Farm was established in 1850 as a family farm and a mill which supplied lumber and employment to the region.  Over time, the farmstead spanned 250 acres and raised a variety of livestock, fruits and vegetables, in addition to supplying lumber, dairy products and maple syrup to residents in the surrounding area.

During the late 1800's, the property provided refuge to Northern bound slaves as a stop on the Underground Railroad.  It also served as the post office for the small village of Salt Springs, later renamed Lincoln Falls, in honor of Abraham Lincoln.

Today, the original farmhouse, one barn and two outbuildings remain on 35 acres in Lincoln Falls, PA.  A small milk house built in 1932 now serves as the potting shed.

In 1995, great-great grandaughter, Linda Faye Morgan and her husband, Ken Florentine began an extensive renovation of the property, and in 1997 began welcoming guests.  The tradition of providing sustenance, comfort and lodging to travelers and sportsmen visiting the area continues to this day.  We think Linda's ancestors would be proud.
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"A house is built of bricks and stones, of sills and posts and piers;
But a home is built of loving deeds that stand a thousand years."
~Nixon Waterman
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"Li'l Lucille Lillian"
"Clayton J."